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News Archive 2013/14

Bake & Vegetable Sale

School concluded on Thursday with our annual bake sale. Many parents, staff and pupils brought in delicious buns and cakes for our big bun sale. This year we also decided to set up a healthy fruit and veg stall outside in the gazebos. The boys and girls were very busy picking their freshly grown produce from the school garden all morning. On sale we had potatoes, lettuce, rhubard, carrots, onions, scallions, strawberries and a variety of plants and flowers. This was a fantastic experience for the children. They worked behing the stalls selling away. The total raised was a magnificent £930!!!!!

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Fit For Food Tesco Trip

Primary 6 pupils headed to Tesco last Wednesday to get a special tour of the store. Maggie from Tesco gave the pupils a very thorough insight into how the produce from the factory ends up on the shelves. Pupils then had a chance to do some baking in the store. Maggie also packed up a big box of goodies for the school. Thank you to Maggie and all at Tescos.

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Nicky Rackard Cup

We were delighted to welcome Tyrone Hurling Full back, Ruari Devlin to Kingsisland on Thursday. Ruari took great pleasure in bringing the Nicky Rackard cup and the Division 3B cup to school to show to the children and staff. Ruari talked to the children about his achievements and experiences and answered some very intelligent questions from the children. Ruari then posed for lots of group and individual photographs. Tyrone Abu!!

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Speedwell Drumming Performance

Following 2 days of preparation the primary 5/6/7 pupils put on a spectacular performance of drumming skills to specially invited dignatories at Parkanaur Forest. The pupils had linked up with Integrated Primary School, Dungannon. Well done to veryone involved

New School Anthem

During a recent ICT project using some apps the primary 7 pupils collectively wrote, sang and produced tehir own school anthem. The pupils tried to include as many activities as they could in to the song. It has created a real buzz around the school and the younger pupils can be heard humming away to the sound of the Kingsisland Anthem

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P5 & 6 Healthy Rap

Miss McAleer's class have been busy writing their very own rap about how we should eat healthy foods. The pupils have been studying all about healthy choices. To help reinforce the message to all pupils they decided to write the words for their own rap and also make the music for their song using garageband app. 

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Goodbye and Good Luck P7's

Today we said goodbye to our wonderful Primary 7 pupils of Class 2014. They have been fantastic ambassadors for Kingsisland and will be sadly missed by their teachers, staff and fellow pupils. At their farewell mass last night they read with confidence and distinction. They now move on to secondary school and we know they will continue to do everyone proud. Good luck and God Bless from everyone at Kingsisland to Conrad, Conor, Shea, Jack, Conal, Cairenn, Naoimh, Hannah, Alana, Cliodhna, Emma, Emer and Eibhlinn.

Mrs Quinn's Retirement

Tonight, at a special Mass celebrated by Father Fee and Father MacKeown we celebrated the contribution Mrs Quinn to Kingsisland over this past 37 years.She has been a brilliant and loyal teacher. She has educated so many pupils and left a wonderful legacy in our school. Mrs Quinn even took the time to thank everyone at the conclusion of the mass. Everyone came over to school afterwards for a finger buffet of beautiful goujons, sausages, desserts, sweets, crisps. We would like to thank Loughshore Veg for their sponsorship of the fruit and salad and Lowes Butchers Dungannon for the sponsorship of the hot Food. Please support our most generous sponsors.

Thank you Mrs Quinn for everything you have done for our school.

Cool Kids Club

Primary 2 pupils completed their 6 week Cool Kids programme on Wednesday. At a special Graduation Ceremony pupils were presented with their certificates members of the ACE team. The 6 week project helped buid the childrens confidence and helped foster childrens learning habits in many positive ways. The pupils worked so hard during during each session and deserve the highest praise for all theri efforts.

Parents Support Group

A large crowd gathered in Derrytresk Community centre on Saturday night to battle it out for the prize of champion quiz team for 2014. Eventual winners were popular Derrytresk man Aidan Campbell's team, Moira Campbell, Sinead and John Small, Oonagh and Conor Starrs.A super night was had by all.And a Magnificent sum of over £700 was raised. Thank you to all of the sponsors on the night. And a very special thankyou to everyone who helped in the organistaion of the quiz and gave freely of their time. All money raised will go to updating the school playground equipment,



Scotland Trip 2014

Primary 6 & 7 pupils arrived back to a warm welcome late on Thursday night following a fantastic 3 day trip to Scotland. Pupils visited many exciting places over the three days. With the highlights being the Edinburgh Dungeons, Celtic Park, Glasgow Time Capsule, Edinburgh Castle, Camera Obscura, Night time Ghost walk and M & D's theme Park. Everyone had a brilliant time and will have many happy memories to cherish for a very very long time.

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T-Rex Terrorises School

Sports day was unexpectedly halted as a T-Rex pre-historic dinosaur rampaged through the school playground. It was during the primary 1 throwing competition that screams of fear could be heard from the back of the playground. As teachers and parents fled, away from the danger area, the brave pupils of kingsisland ran to the fearsome creature to ensure everyone's safety. It wasn't long before the huge T-Rex was tamed and became the newest adopted pet in Kingsisland. A huge thankyou to D-Signs for bringing the T-Rex to school and giving everyone such fabulous entertainment.

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Drumming Day 

 Primary 5, 6 and 7 pupils enjoyed a brilliant day learning drumming routines on the second part of a three day set of workshops organised by Speedwell. They met up again with their friends from Windmill Primary School and learned how to tap out rhythms on a variety of percussion instruments before each getting a drum to practise on. They were learning a routine whch they will showcase at a community relations day in Parkanaur on 18th June. The children had great fun and are really looking forward to the next day out.

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Sports Day 2014

There was a great turnout of parents, grandparents, past pupils and friends of the school on Thursday at our anuual fun day. The weather held up as the children had a ball on the inflateables. Everyone had a great time competing in the events. The dinosaur proved to be a big surprise and gave everyone a great big shock. Well done to everyone.

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Computer Generated Image Day 

Primary 7 pupils travelled to the STEM centre in South West College to take part in a specially arranged CGI day. Children used their extensive knowledge of iPad apps to edit Tom & Jerry cartoons, Make talking faces and build their own moving animations. The creativity of the children in Kingsisland was commented upon as the best that the staff in the College had seen since the programme had begun. Credit must go to the outstanding children of Kingsisland.

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P7 Science Experiments

Primary 7 pupils have been carrying out science experiments this term as part of their World Around Us curriculum. The children have been setting experiments to test various predictions. One such experiment has seen the learning about the air that they breathe and how fire needs oxygen to burn. The children love the practical aspect of the experiments and who knows, we might have unearthed some budding future innovators destined to change the future for all of us

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June Dinner Menu

Dinners are freshly prepared each day in the school kitchen by our cooks, Paula and Claire.

Meals are always prepared to the highest standard.

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Dinnertime Outside in the Beautiful weather.

Everyone was in super form today with the arrival of the warm weather and beautiful sunshine. It was such a beautiful day that Paula and Claire decided to bring the dinner hall outside. There is something very special about being able to eat outside and of course the novelty helps also. The beautiful weather also seemed to put the teachers in really good form also as Mrs Quinn gave every body an extra long dinner break. Thank you from all the pupils ;-)

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Induction Day for New P1's

We had some special visitors today in Kingsisland. Our new primary 1 pupils, that will be enroling in Kingsisland in September 2014, paid a special visit today. All 22 new pupils had a real ball in their new surroundings. They were greeted by the other pupils in school and were part of the audience for the magic show. We can't wait to see them all back in September in their brand new red and black Kingsisland uniforms.

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First Holy Communion

Congratulatrions to our boys and girls who received the Sacrament of their First Holy Communion today in St Columcille's Church, Kingsisland. Aoife, Ashling, Cara, Cormac, Ryan, Naoise, Caolan and Tom did their families and the school proud. All of their hard working in preparing for their roles in today's ceremony definitely paid off. Father Benny told the boys and girls it was the nicest Communion ceremony ever!!! We want to say a very big thankyou to everyone in school , especially Mrs Quinn as this was her last ever Communion as a teacher. Mrs Quinn will be retiring in June. Please see clonoe gallery facebook for more pics.

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Prayer Service for Mrs Campbell

Today we had the most beautiful prayer service for Mrs Campbell.Following a short period of beautiful reflective music Mrs Quinn led the whole school in prayers and and recollections of the most wonderful experiences that we all have shared with Mrs Campbell in Kingsisland. The children displayed all of the beautiful poems, drawings and memories they had of Mrs Campbell. She was quite simply  the kindest, most caring, most thoughtful, most patient, hardest working and just best teacher that any pupil could ever wish to have. She was everyone's best friend. We now have our very own Guardian Angel to guide and protect us. Thank you for everything Mrs Campbell. We will never forget you in Kingsisland...

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Spring Chicks

Oliver brought in quite a surprise package on Wednesday. When Oliver opened his special box, to everyone's delight, out popped 4 lovely wee 5 day old chicks. The children got the opportunity to hold them. This was indeed the first time many children had this wonderful experience.Thank you Oliver and Anita .



New Windows and Front Doors

Everyone was over the moon to see the new windows in the dining hall and the new front doors at the entrance to the school last week. They really brighten up the entrance to the school and are the beginning of a period of substantial investment that will take place in school over the next few months. We have been granted approval to have an extension to the back of the school to increase toilet facilities for the children and to increase storage provision. This is fantastic news for everyone in Kingsisland but most importantly our precious children.

May Dinner Menu

Dinners are freshly prepared each day in the school kitchen by our cooks, Paula and Claire.

Meals are always prepared to the highest standard.


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Easter Eggcitement

A very special surprise visitor hopped their way to Kingsisland Primary School today to wish all the boys and girls a happy Easter. The Easter Bunny bounced from class to class delivering carrots and hiding eggs around the school for the children to find. There was a lot of excitement as the boys and girls followed clues to find the eggs and needless to say, the eggs very quickly disappeared again and all that could be found was empty wrappers!

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Mrs Quinn's Castles

Mrs Quinn's class were having a real ball studying castles in history this term. Mrs Lowe was also teaching them how to make their very own proper life size castle. In addition children made their very own designed swords and shields. Children then used the props to act out their own short drama sketches. AS they often say, the best way to learn is by doing it yourself. Well done P3 and P4 pupils.

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Science Experiments

Primary 7 pupils were experimenting with water this week in school. They were studying solids, liquids and gases. They designed an experiment to test whether water weighed more when it was in a solid state or in a liquid state. They decided that the best way to measure the weight was to put the water in a balloon, weigh it in a liquid state , then freeze the balloon and weigh it again. The pupils made their predictions and waited for the results. When they weighed the frozen water they discovered that the water weighed exaclty the same. I wonder who made the correct predictions????????

Planting Potatoes & Rhubarb

Primary 7 pupils took the opportunity to get out in to the vegetable garden this week to use the new planting beds. The pupils planted baby seed potatoes as part of their Irish History famine project. Pupils had the expert guidance of parent Ursula Cushnahan ( owner of Loughshore Veg). Ursula was able to show the pupils the different ways of planting potatoes. A small experiment was created using different styles of planting. Everyone can not wait until the potatoes are ready to be harvested, and see which method gives the greatest yield of potatoes

Reading Buddies

Primary 6 pupils took full advantage of the beautiful spring filled sunshine in Kingsisland today. They took the opportunity to take the younger pupils in the school out to the buddy corner to read some of their favourite stories. This is one of many reading initiatives taking place on a daily basis in Kingsisland, promoting a life long love of reading. Some of the favourite children's authors include Roald Dahl, Michael Morpurgo, David Walliams and Jacqueline Wilson. Keep up the reading everyone.

What's on the menu?

Cookery Club has been continuing every Wednesday afterschool. The children have been learning how to make a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast, a healthy vegetable stir fry for dinner, some delicious fruit smoothies and how to pack a healthy lunchbox. Children have been having fun tasting a variety of new foods. The weather even allowed us to have a picnic outside!

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Measuring in P5 and P6

Primary Five and Six children have been busy learning about length and perimeter this week. They have been spotted out and about with clipboards, rulers, metre sticks and trundle wheels measuring objects and distances around the school. Perhaps a few budding quantity surveyors are in our midst!

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Childline Workshops

Primary 5, 6 and 7 pupils were very lucky to receive two workshops from Childline last Friday and today. They learned all about the importance of keeping happy and safe and all the different people they can talk to if they ever feel worried or sad. They learned that no problem is ever too big or too small and that help is always available to them from trusted adults, friends and Childline. The pupils enjoyed the workshops and learned lots of valuable information.

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P1 Children Enjoy the Outdoors

P1 children have been enjoying the pleasant weather with outdoor activities. They have been practising the egg and spoon race, in preparation for Easter games. The kind weather has provided opportunities to decorate our school playground with chalk. We are excited about more outdoor fun in the summer term. 

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Releasing the Spring Butterflies

Miss O'Neill's primary 1 class have been very busy during the month of March as they have been nurturing their caterpillars. The boys and girls have watched as their caterpillars have grown in their cocoons. This week, 5 beautiful butterflies crawled out of the coccons. Today was the big release day when the primary 1 class invited the whole school to come and watch the release of the Kingsisland butterfles out into the open. Everyone gathered in the vegetable garden and watched closely for the beautiful butterflies to fly off into the sky. Well done primary 1's.

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P2 Planting

Primary 2 pupils spent most of today outside in the vegetable garden. The were planting their seeds in their uni-pots and watering the plants in the green house. Primary 2's are growing a variety of plants andflowers this year following the success of their peas last year in Primary 1.

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P2 Spring Nature Walk

Mrs Gavin's primary 2 class took advantage of the fine Spring weather today to go on an Spring Nature Walk around the school grounds and over to the big chestnut tree at the grotto. Children had great fun gathering walking in the warm sunshine and studying the beautiful daffodils.

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April Dinner Menu

Dinners are freshly prepared each day in the school kitchen by our cooks, Paula and Claire.

Meals are always prepared to a very high standard.

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Fluffy the Lamb

Not many schools can claim to have adopted their own special little farm animal. But the children of Kingsisland are now the proud owners of a very special new addition to the school, 'Fluffy the Lamb'. Mrs McVeigh has been rearing the young adopted Fluffy. And today he made his first appearance in the school. We wish to say a massive thankyou to Tiernan for bringing Fluffy in to school. The children and Fluffy had an extra Spring in their step all day. See you soon Fluffy..

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Happy Mothers' Day

Pupils throughout the school were busy during Art Lessons this week, making special Mother's Day cards. The standard of art work was outstanding. And the attention to detail made everyone realise just how special the grand mothers/mothers/adults in our pupils' lives are to them. But please keep everything secret, as the cards will not be delivered until Sunday morning :-)

St Joseph's Football Tournament

Miss McAleer's class made the short journey to St Joseph's College, Coalisland for the annual football blitz organised by the Year 12 students. New principal Mr Mc Neill has carried on the excellent tradition of sporting excellence in St Joseph's and the boys and girls of Kingsisland wanted to say a special thankyou to everyone who made the day so entertaining and special for them.

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Real Life Reading Buddies

Our student reading buddy system continues to operate to its full potential everyday in KIngsisland. Continuing the pastoral tradition that has been prevalent in Kingsisand for many years, the older children in the school can be seen reading stories to our eager young pupils on a daily basis. A special well done to all of our brilliant young pupils.

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Primary 7's plant first seeds of spring

Primary 7 pupils could wait no longer for the good weather to arrive as they began planting seeds in pots in the greenhouse. The boys and girls are exploring the difference between spring onions and traditional oinions. They also began by planting some different types of tomatoes. Some of the more enthusiastic pupils also planted Spicy Hot Pepper seeds. We will see how brave they all are when the red hot peppers are ready to eat :-)

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Learning Irish through sport

Primary 2 pupils began a new project last week, learning to speak Irish while playing their traditional GAA football, Hurling and Camogie. The project is being facilitated by well known local Irish language enthusiast and Iris Language cultural officer Damien Mor O'Neill. Damien began teaching our young students the basic skills of hurling/camogie through the medium of Irish language. Let's hope our primary 2 pupils can followin the footsteps of their older colleagues and reach some more county finals.

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P7's Visit Ulster American Folk Park

Primary 7 pupils have been studying the Irish Potato Famine recently. As a culmination to their study project they made the journey to the Folk Park outside Omagh. Pupils made the extra special effort of dressing up in old style clothes. The pupils visited the old style Irish homes before travelling on a coffin ship to the new world in America. Pupils learned how medicines were made in famine times and had the opportunity to taste traditional Famine Time foods.

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St Patrick's Day Celebration

There was much excitement today as the children dressed in green and headed down to Derrytresk Club to put on a St Patrick's Day concert for parents and members of the wider school community.Primary 1's told the story of St Patrick as he travelled across the sea many times in his specially adapted boat. P2's gave an Irish blessiing and performed some fantastic ceili dancing. P3&4's took part in a beautiful prayer service. P5/6/7's played their whistles, performed dances and sang some songs in Irish. A brilliant day was had by all. A special word of thanks must go to Derrytresk GFC, for the use of the hall. 

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Warm Weather Returns

As the first real day of warm weather returned on Wednesday, the Primary 5 and 6 pupils wasted no time in getting out into the garden. The boys and girls hunted out all their garden equipment and began to clear out all the weeds and left over stalks from last season's produce. There was some surprise when weeding the carrot bed. Pupils discovered lots of left over carrots under the soil. Under closer inspection it was discovered they were perfectly fresh and ready to eat. This is another example of the learning the children get from doing hands on gardening.   

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World Book Day

The children in Kingsisland celebrated World Book Day in school on Friday. Children took the opportunity to dress up as characters from their favourite books and poems. We had characters from traditional folk tales to super heroes. The theme for Friday assembly was poetry and each class took their turn to perform their favourite poems. The primary 7 children finished by reading a selection of carefully chosen humorous poems. A great day was had by all.

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P7 Video Conference

Primary 7 pupils took part in a specially arranged Video Conference with Marita Conlon McKenna today. Marita is the famous author of the novels "Under the Hawthorne Tree" and "Wildflower Girll" which the children have been studying this year. The books tell the story of a young Irish family during the Great Potato Famine. Marita was interviewed in the Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh, to which the primary 7's will visit next Friday. Children from all over Ireland were able to interact with Marita from the luxury of their classrooms, through their interactive whiteboards.

Pancake Tuesday

Today was a busy day for the boys and girls in Kingsisland. After a morning of smiling and posing for the school photographer, the children were busy making pancakes. Mrs McVeigh supplied all the lovely ingredients and gave a quick demonstration before giving the pupils of P2 and P7 the chance to make their own variety of pancakes. Miss McAleer's P5/6 class were expert flippers by the end of their cooking session. 

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Confirmation 2014

Congratulations to all of our newly confirmed boys and girls. The beautiful confirmation ceremony was celebrated by Archbishop Eamon Martin in St Patrick's church Clonoe on Sunday. Everyone of the Primary 7 pupils worked and studied very hard in preparation for their big day. They did everyone proud as usual. Well done P7's


March 2013 Dinner Menu

Dinners are freshly prepared each day in the school kitchen by our cooks, Paula and Claire.

Meals are always prepared to a very high standard.

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Loughall Park

Following the visit to the theatre, the children headed out to Loughall Country Park to have their lunch. Thankfully the weather held up as the children made full use of the play parks available onsite. Children had great fun on the climbing frames and especially the big swinging ropes. After much persuasion they were eventually coaxed onto the bus for the short journey back to school just in time for hometime.

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Visit to Marketplace Theatre

FRiday saw the Primary 3/4/5/6/7 pupils travel to the Market PLace Theatre in Armagh to see the performance of The GReat Nivelli starring Dan Gordon. The children were told the story of young German boy Ernst as he experienced the harsh realisties of the Second World War. 

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New GAA Nets

Thanks to a successful grant application from SportNI we have been able to purchase new GAA nets for our younger pupils. The new nets brings to 8, the number of goal posts we now have for our sporty young boys and girls to practise their skills with. The nets follow on from the new hurling/camogie sticks purchased with the grant award. The primary 7's, under the expert guidance of Miss O'Neill, spent yesterday afternoon constructing the nets for their fellow pupils. 

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RSPB Project

Joanna from th Royal Society for the Protection of Birds came to school today, to begin an observation of local native birds project with the primary 7 pupils. Pupils took part in a variety of workshops designed to give the pupils a better understanding and knowledge of the wide variety of native birds in our locality.The school will soon receive special bird boxes fitted with cameras that link directly in to the interactive whiteboards. Pupils will be able to observe the actions of Bluetits as they nest in the grounds of Kingsisland.

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The Great Nivelli

The Great Nivelli paid a visit to Kingsisland on Friday afternoon for a special pre show science and magic workshop with the P3/4/5/6/7 pupils. He was able to amazingly predict the answers children gave to a series of questions about WWII. The children will be travelling to the MarketPlace Theatre on Friday 28th February to see the full play, 'Nivelli's War. 

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P5 & 6 Library Visit

Primary 5 and 6 pupils paid a visit to Coalisland library recently to do some research work on projects that they have been studying. Pupils were made to feel more than welcome in the library and were able to use the excellent facilities.

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Boy's Indoor Football Tournament

Well done to our boys gaelic football team for a brilliant performance today in the Allianz Tyrone boys indoor football heat, held in Clonoe community centre. The boys were drawn in a tough section. They defeated St John's Moy, Annaghmore PS and Laghey before sharing the spoils with Primate Dixon. This meant they finished level with Primate Dixon and had to play off for a place in the final. After a pulsating game the young Kingsisland students lost out by the narrowest of margins. The Primate Dixon went on to win the heat and qualify for the finals in Omagh. Our boys played tremendously well and did the school proud as usual.

Visit from Sr Elizabeth Walls

We gave a great big Kingsisland welcome to Sister Elizabeth Walls from the Religious Education Diocesan team today. Sr Elizabeth visited every class from P1-P7 to see and hear about the great work being done by all of our young students. Sr Elizabeth was very impressed with the exceptional manners and courteous nature of the young Kingsisland pupils. She commented on the beautiful displays of childrens work which is visible across every classroom in the school. We thank Sr Elizabeth for coming and spending so much of her time with us today. Sr Elizabeth is pictured with our confirmation class.

New Sports Equipment

Thanks to a successful grant application made to Sport NI we have begun the process of purchasing additional sports equipment for our pupils. We were delighted to receive a cheque for £3300 from Sport NI. The first batch of new equipment included 30 new Caman hurling/camogie sticks. The hurls were barely out of their packaging before the pupils had them out practising their skills. The primary 1 class are pictured with the new hurls.

P7's Make Potato Bread

Under the expert guidance of Mrs McVeigh, Primary 7's had the chance to make their very own potato bread. P7's have been studying the topic, 'The Great Irish Famine' and the importance of the potato in the lives of people living in Ireland today and many years ago. Pupils peeled and boiled their own potatoes, before baking them on the griddle. The potato bread was served with lashings of butter and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

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February 2014 Dinner Menu

Dinners are freshly prepared each day in the school kitchen by our cooks, Paula and Claire.

Meals are always prepared to a very high standard.

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St Brigid's Crosses

Pupils in school were busy making their St Brigid's crosses today in school. Everyone used the rushes brought in to school by Mrs Quinn's husband, Brian. Following some quick lessons by Mrs Quinn, Mrs McVeigh, Miis McGrath, Miss McAleer and Miss O'Neill pupils quickly grasped the concept. Most pupils were able to make several crosses for extended family members. Thank you to everyone who helped in any way.

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Hurlers defeated in Tyrone County Final!!!!

Well done to our hurlers who performed with distinction today at the county finals held at the Station Centre in Omagh. The pupils defeated Roan PS Eglish 2-0, St Columcilles PS Carrickmore 3-0  and St Conor's PS Omagh3-0 on their way to the final. In a very keenly contested final the gallant pupils of Kingsisland came up just short against Barrack Street Boys School Strabane. This was another remarkable achievement, to finish in the top 2 primary schools in all of Tyrone. The outstanding sporting tradition continues in Kingsisland. Well done to all of our pupils. Let's keep up the excellent participation in all sports.

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Coalisland Charity Shop Donation to Kingsisland

We would like to publically express our gratitude to the hardworking staff of Coalisland Charity shop, who very kindly donated a grant of £250 to our school. The money will be used to purchase seeds for our Eco Garden. Each class will grow their own vegetables from seed in our new green house. When ready, the vegetables will be transported out into the vegetable beds under the natural elements. Pupils really enjoy this hands on approach to learning. Mr O'Neill is pictured receiving the cheque in the charity shop. Thank you again to the charity shop, situated beside the taxi rank in Coalisland.

Hurlers Qualify for County Final

Well done to our hurling team on winning the East Tyrone section of the the Tyrone Allianz Hurling competition. The successful team was made up of both boys and girls from Primary 5,6,& 7. They defeated Gaelscoil 6 - 1 in their first match and Primated Dixon 7 -0 in their final game. The team now travel to Omagh on Wednesday to compete against the best hurlers in the county. We wish them well and know they will do Kingsisland proud, as they always do. Kingsisland Abu.


Camogs Do School Proud!!!

Well done to our young camogie team who competed with distinction in the east Tyrone heat of the Allianz camogie tournament last Monday. 16 girls represented the school. Despite making a slow start, the girls recovered well and drew all of their matches. This was a young camogie team competing against much older players. The future is looking very bright for these young ladies and there is little doubt they will be competing for the county title, that they have won so many times over this last few years again next year.

Drama & Dance classes 

Drama and dance classes resumed for the new year last week in school. Caroline, the dance and drama teacher comes to school each Thursday. Every class from P1 to P7 take part in a variety of drama sessions. This week the primary 7 pupils were learning the Charleston Dance from 1920's America. The pupils quickly realised how fit and athletic they need to be to do the Charleston. Who knows, maybe we will have some representatives on Strictly Come Dancing in a few years !!!

Academy Students Teach Irish

The school has linked up again this year with St Patrick's Academy to deliver Irish language lessons to our Primary 7 pupils. We were delighted to welcome back to Kingsisland 2 past pupils Niamh Hanna and Ryan Donnelly. It is always a proud momment for everyone in Kingsisland to see our past pupils do so well after the leave the school. The primary 7 pupils loved the first session and can't wait for Niamh and Ryan returning next week.


Run! Run! It's the Ginger Bread Man.....

Primary 1 class spent this morning baking their special Ginger Bread Men. The young students mixed and shaped their ingredients before Paula baked them in the kitchen's big oven. And just when everybody was ready to tuck in, it was discovered that one of the Ginger Bread Men had escaped!!! Following a frantic search around the school, the missing Ginger bread man was spotted by the P7 Hurlers who had been practising down in the community centre. To the great relief of the P1's, he was captured and brought safely back to the class!! What a relief for everyone who had worked so hard all morning ;-)

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P7's Constructing new Greenhouse Staging

P7's were busy today building the new greenhouse staging purchased for our new greenhouse. The boys and girls worked in teams to build the 6 separate steel shelves. Each piece of staging had 24 lengths of steel, over 60 bolts and screws, and 80 wooden slats to build. Despite the complicated instructions the brilliant Kingsisland students managed to have every one of the shelves built in less than 30 minutes. This was a fantastic example of all their skills, that they have developed throughout their time in Kingsisland. Following last year's big frost we lost alot of vegetables from our eco garden. The new green house will ensure our vegetables are well protected this spring. Well done P7's.

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Cookery After School Club

Our cookery club began again yesterday. Miss McAleer had been busy buying all the necessary ingredients for the next few sessions. Today's group had the task of making scrambled eggs and toast. Pupils were bust whisking the eggs and then had to cook them on their special pupil oven.

The finished meal tasted "Awesome" according to the new chefs. Next week, chocalate treats are on the menu!! There will be a big queue waiting on the finished products ;-)

P1 & 2 Fundamental Skills  Movement

Christiane came back to school this week to begin Fundamental Movement Skills training with our Primary 1 and 2 pupils. Christiane coaches our boys and girls every Tueasday morning. It is always a great way to start the day. Everyone can be seen practising their skills during breaktime.

Thank you Christiane for all your patience and kindness.


iPad Garageband Project

Primary 5, 6 & 7 pupils began a 12 week music project this week. Barry Murphy, SELB music tutor, used the schools iPads to begin to show the children how to make the best use of the App, 'Garageband'.               Pupils had great fun in their first lesson using the various instruments.   As the lessons continue each week, we will post their songs and achievements on our school website. 

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P5's Begin GAA Coaching

Angie Stephenson makes the long journey from Donemana down to Kingsisland again this term to coach our Primary 5's.                     Angie works directly for the Tyrone GAA coaches and has been assigned to coach the young Kingsisland pupils until the end of this academic year.Angie brought her usual enthusiastic approach to coaching which has an inspiring effect on all of our pupils.

Thank you Angie.

January 2013 Dinner Menu

Dinners are freshly prepared each day in the school kitchen by our cooks, Paula and Claire.

Meals are always prepared to a very high standard.

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Yee-Ha!!! Pictures

Please click on the link below to see more pictures from the Friday Night Show. The pictures were taken by Clonoe Gallery and can also be viewed with comments on Clonoe Gallery facebook page.

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Yee Ha!!! The Show

Friday night saw the curtain come down on our musical production of Yee Ha!. Following 4 sell out performances to a total of 800 people, the children performed their final show to a lively and engaging audience. Splodge city was finally saved from the evil Mayor and the McNut Gang of no good outlaws. Billie-Joe became the new Sheriff, Old Ma Hubbard kept the Fordoor Saloon open for everyone to have a rootin-tootin, mud flinging, hip swinging, song singing whale of a time!!!!!

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Christmas Dinner

Paula and Claire served up yet another spectacular and tasty Christmas Dinner in school for all the children on Thursday. Everyone made special Christmas hats for the big feast. Following the dinner the P7's presented Paula and Claire with two specially made thank you cards. A wonderful day was topped off with all pupils heading home at 1pm to get ready for the show in Craic theatre.

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Yee!! Ha!!

Preparations are well underway for the big show in Craic. Children have been travelling to the theatre all week to rehearse their scenes. As the excitement grows, the growing confidence of all children is very visible for all to see. The set design is at an advanced stage, dances are being perfected and children are busy learning all of their lines.There will be 3 evening performances on Wed 11th, Thurs 12th and Fri 13 December. 


December Dinner Menu

Dinners are freshly prepared each day in the school kitchen by our cooks, Paula and Claire.

Meals are always prepared to a very high standard. of

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Visit to the Panto 

All children in school made their annual visit to the panto, performed by Craic members Jim McKeown, John Ryan and Co. A great day was had by all and some children were even lucky enough to be called up to perform on the stage.

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Halloween Dance Party 2013

Everyone dressed up for the annual Halloween Fancy Dress day party in Derrytresk Community Centre last Wednesday. We had some very scary vampires, monsters, pirates and zombies aswell as some Cowboys and Indians. All classes performed their dance routines to Halloween themed music. We would like to thank Derrytresk for the use of their facilities and also to the kind efforts of the ladies and children who decorating the hall with scary halloween decorations. A great day was had by all. 

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November Dinner Menu

Dinners are freshly prepared each day in the school kitchen by our cooks, Paula and Claire.

Meals are always prepared to a very high standard. of

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Primary 2 Nature Walk

Mr McGahan's primary 2 class took advantage of the fine Autumn weather today to go on an Autumn Nature Walk around the school grounds and over to the big chestnut tree at the grotto. Children had great fun gathering conkers and throwing leaves into the air and trying to catch them again



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